"After 20 years of chronic pain I finally started my art journey"

In September 2018, I decided to start my art journey. After a long period of pain and illness in my life I finally had the possibility to improve my skills and started to paint! My style is not defined yet, so you will see all sorts of work here. It seems that my interest is very wide and along the way I hope to find out what suits me best. For everything in my life, balance and diversity is the key! I welcome commissions because that’s a fantastic way to learn and improve my skills. I absolutely love colours, nature, animals, bodies, fantasy and mental health, so these are great subjects to paint for me. My work is for sale and shipping abroad is no problem.

Acrylic pouring

Acrylic pouring is a very playful way to make art. It really loosens you up because there is not much control. It’s a great way to learn to let things go and accept them the way they are. I always loved science and chemistry and when I am pouring I witness how molecules react. Fantastic how nature works!

Fine art

The opposite of acrylic pouring is fine art or realistic art. At the moment I’m learning everything about painting realistic/fine art right now. How to use colours, composition, shades and perspective. Some things come naturally and some things have to be studied. Setting the bar really high makes me work harder to reach things. 


Abstract paintings push you to activate your fantasy. To think outside the box. And, for someone who feels like their body is a box, a prison, it’s so freeing to let the mind wander off and let fantasy take a loop! 

On the job

 I want to show you how and where I paint, how I learn and how my life with chronic illness looks like. Follow my Facebook, Instagram and Youtube for more! 

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