"Art is my escape without leaving the house"

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In September 2018, I decided to start my art journey. After a long period of pain and illness I finally had the possibility to start painting! I love to paint different subjects and use all types of mediums. I work with acrylics, soft pastels, oil paint, watercolor, graphite, charcoal and colored pencils. Just like for everything in my life, balance and diversity is the key! My work is for sale and shipping abroad is no problem. You can see my available art in 'Gallery' , category 'Available'.
I made a personal introduction video and you can check it out down below. You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

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In this video I tell you a bit more about myself in person.   I tell you more about my life, passion and future dreams. 


My style is colorful, smooth and detailed. Some works are realistic and some are more surreal. I absolutely love colors, nature, animals, figures, fantasy and health so these are great subjects to paint for me.   

my mediums

My creativity flows best in acrylics, oil paint, soft pastels , graphite, charcoal,  watercolors and colored pencils.

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