Exhibition in shopwindow ‘Fotovak Engel’ in Lisse

Kimko art creations
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I’ve been so bold to ask the lady in the store from ‘Fotovak Engel’ what people have to do to display their works in their shopwindow. I was wondering if they are people with artdegrees or artist who are allready famous in this area.

Dutch saying; ” Een brutaal mens heeft de halve wereld “

“Cheeky people own half the world” 


'Sunset reflection'

The lady in the store was very friendly and told me that that these artists are usualy invited to display their art. She asked me if I could show some of my work. Of course I immediately pulled out my phone. I showed her my 'Blackbird' and 'Sunset reflection'. She enthusiastically told me she has an open spot in July. That was not what I expected and I got really exited. I left my phone number and name! Now I have to make the decision what to display because I have made a lot of new work since then. Hopefully it will be great weather so lot of people are going to walk by and take a look at my art. Leave me a comment if you have seen my art in the shopwindow! That would be awesome!

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